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The IT industry changes almost daily due to new innovations and ways to work. 2014 was a great year for IT organizations and IT consultants. Although, it may have been a great year, things are going to change, it’s inevitable. Here are a few predictions and tips that SiliconAngle is offering to get you ready for 2015.

1. IT organizations will be able to handle rapid change and growth

SiliconAngle predicts that over the course of 2015 IT organizations will adapt to changing paces quite quickly, resulting in them building environments which just do enough to help monitor and  stabilize the current environments. Since they will be able to adapt so promptly to these circumstances which will always be changing, they in turn will be able to meet or come as close as possible to ending multi-year projects.

2. Expect the outsourcing trend to continue

Although the previous tip mentioned the ever changing beast that is IT, many companies and organizations will continue to outsource projects. The reason for this continuous trend is due to the new IT strategies that will roll out in 2015. Rather then taking out the time to teach someone these new skills, it is cost and time efficient to just outsource these projects. It will open up productivity and help keep efficiency up in 2015.

3. IT organizations are becoming business savvy

IT organizations which have been more of contractors and work on single projects at a time are starting to merge with companies and become a partner. In 2015, they will be hiring and working with business experts in order to be a partner and earn higher margins in deals rather then just work on certain projects. This move is the new trend within IT companies and will be on the rise in 2015.

4. Hiring High Ranking Officials

With the rise of IT companies partnering with companies and not just being a contractor, they are will be hiring many high ranking officials to run these campaigns. One of which being, Data Information Officer (DIO), this position is critical for such companies since they have the intellectual capacity to understand the IT side and the business side of potential deals.

5. Integrating previous four tips

CIO’s of IT companies will begin to notice the trend leaning from working for business companies to merging with them to maximize profits. These CIO’s can compress data and develop strategies which show profits for both sides of the agreement.

2015 will bring many changes, these small tips can help your company and even help devise a strategy in the upcoming here to get you ahead of the curve. For more tips and advice, please visit SiliconAngle

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