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Information technology, often abbreviated as IT, has recently become a prominent buzzword in the internet and business world. The term can first seema bit intimidating: words like “information” and “technology” tend to hold a lot of weight.

However, these words shouldn’t serve as terms used for alienating individuals exploring the option of a career in IT. In fact, there are an abundance of career paths one can take with a basic background and understanding of IT. The following are some of the jobs people have been pursuing on the IT path and why they might just be right up your alley.


IT Consultant
While this might sound like the most obvious career path, it’s important to explore and gain understanding of all options in the field. IT consulting is about as defined as it sounds: your job is to essentially find ways for businesses to run their computers as efficiently as possible. Sometimes it can seem a bit like throwing things at a wall until something sticks, but with its demand only rising, this job is surely integral to business functionality and visibility.  


Graphic Designer
For those with a close eye for creative detail, graphic design can be a great way to integrate your creative mind into a world that tends to seem a bit mechanical at first glance. Graphic design gives artists the ability to articulate messages through graphics, which can range from a t-shirt design to a website redesign. With the increasing rate of new businesses popping up and looking to grow, graphics have become consistently in high demand, making this an excellent field to jump into today.


Web Developer
Like graphic design, web development can be a great creative option for people interested in IT, and one where you get to wear an abundance of different hats. From learning the languages of web development to ensuring mobile compatibility in the content and graphics of a page, this career path is great for the individual who is always excited to absorb new information and get crafty with their technique.  


Software Engineer
If you’re looking to become the next Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg, look no further! Both of these individuals earned their fame from the skills they possess in software engineering, and now they are the founders of two of the most popular social media platforms in the world. From code creation to program development, this field allows people to get honed in on their niche and dig deep.    


Health IT Specialist
Although an abundance of IT work seems to cross over into creative work, there are many other crossovers that happen in this field. Another one is in the healthcare field. Especially with all of the action around healthcare right now, this field is blossoming and growing faster than it ever has. Health IT specialists often work a lot with medical coding and data or record keeping, ensuring medical data is in its most safe and secure place.

As much ground as these careers do cover, there are an abundance of other ways to apply your IT knowledge in a career setting. If you are not familiar with IT and are interested in getting involved, there are many opportunities for online classes and tutorials in information technology. With this field growing so expansively, you’ll surely want to stay in the know.