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Every organization- whether a small business or large corporation has a company culture. Company culture refers to the values, attitudes, and motives of employees working on the inside. Social and psychological factors contribute largely to the performance of the company and it’s important to become aware of how the culture in your company is affecting things as it could be positive or negative. A strong business leader will promote a work culture that is morally sound, focused on personal and teamwork, and exhibiting a high-caliber work ethic. Here are 5 tips on how to assess company culture. This can be of use to someone looking for a new job, business owner, or investor.

  1. Do your pre-interview homework

Executive candidates need to do their pre-interview research. Complete a thorough review of the company’s website, read press releases, customer reviews, brand imagery… What is the impression you are left with after examining all of those aspects of the company? Are they promoting a positive work culture or negative?

Google the company and see what comes up about it in the news and other media outlets.

  1. Research the CEO and their business team

What can you learn about the management team and team leader? Look at their photos- are they professional? Friendly? What does it mean to you? Read their bios and see what you can learn about them. This could range from business experience to personal information as to how they’ve come to be in the position they’re in now.

  1. Examine the physical environment

Where are the offices located and would you like to work there? You can ride around the block and assess the exterior of the building and when you get invited in for your interview take notes on the interior- does it feel like a good place for you to work?

  1. Look at body language

When you’re speaking to potential employers and co-workers examine not only what they are saying to you but how they are saying it. Are their arms down at their sides exhibiting openness or do they seem closed off? Can you hear others conversing? Do they sound happy or stressed out? Getting a good look at the people in the office will tell you a great deal about the company culture.

Company culture can make or break a business in itself or the employees working hard to maintain it. Do your research and trust what you feel!